An inclusive justice system empowers
people. It builds people’s capacity to
participate, by managing their own
matters and having a voice in the
system as a whole.
— Canadian Bar Association, "Reaching Equal Justice: an Invitation to Envision and Act"

Public legal education is critical to a healthy democracy. The sad reality is that police in Canada routinely take advantage of those who don't know their rights. The consequences can be devastating.

A person can assert their rights against the state only if they understand them with absolute confidence. And bystanders can only help those they see being harassed or detained by police if they know the line between providing assistance and obstructing justice. 

As part of his practice, Chris provides public legal education workshops to community groups, activist organizations and non-profits. Chris is an experienced public speaker and legal educator, and looks forward to working with you to tailor a workshop to your group's needs. To book Chris for a session with your organization, call or email him for a free initial consultation.