Victims of crime often believe that the police officers or Crown attorneys involved in their case are there to advise and listen to them. Sadly, this isn’t true of the Canadian justice system. Once a case has been reported, the system often turns a blind eye to the needs of victims and witnesses, instead focusing entirely on its own internal goals.

Hiring a lawyer can make all the difference. Chris has the experience to know what motivates Crown attorneys to act and the skills to make sure his clients’ voices are heard. As a direct result of his actions, he has helped witnesses avoid having to be called to the witness stand and be cross-examined; has helped lodge criminal complaints and secure charges being laid; and has helped charges be withdrawn against loved ones in appropriate circumstances.

Chris provides legal advice to victims in Ontario and represents witnesses in all manner of criminal proceedings. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn how it feels to have a lawyer in your corner.

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